This is a collection of art that I make. Deviantart sucks because of their art policy that whatever you post on there is open to make money for the site. Tumblr sucks. Insta sucks. So here.

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Oh ;)))

Me vs my goal

A character I made a day ago.. she's pretty miserable but her story is good.

Cancer and Virgo and Aquarius and Pisces.

An outfit I would like to wear :')

So these are my interpretations of what different sounds looks like. If you wanna try this out for yourself then click here.

Pretty different than my usual art.. but yeah. I was listening to "Gnossienne: No.1" by Erik Satie when I drew this.

My OCs Aquarius and Virgo being cute together.

ANOTHER one. Her and Avelina have been best friends since lower elementary school.

One of my recently made OCs.