yellow guy huggin himself lizard worm

hi i'm taylor, that's probably a mystery.
i am 17, but i still feel like i'm 12..
the world is dark and cruel so i made this website nearly a year ago to put whatever i want here. making my site look however i want is great.

basic info

hobbies: drawing, writing, internet browsing, thinking way too hard about dumb shit, eating
religious beliefs: idk lol!! i'm not very religious tbh. maybe we ARE our gods.
aspirations: i want to be more active and confident in my life. i want to do so much more.
political stance: ANARCHY
dnd alignment: chaotic neutral
temperament: phlegmatic-melancholic
mbti type: infp
zodiac sign: pisces


are you gay?: here's my take on what it means to me..

quiz results

blinkies and stamps!

click the rat for a good playlist ;)